Kendall Cochran

Human Resource Specialist in Atlanta, GA

About Kendall Cochran

Kendall Cochran is a human resource specialist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. With extensive experience in the corporate landscape, Kendall manages employee performance, ensures workplace safety, and cultivates positive professional environments.

Kendall Cochran

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Recent News

An In-Depth Interview With Kendall Cochran Human Resource Specialist

As an HR manager, Kendall plays a key role in developing organizational structures which helps set businesses up for long-term success. Valuing diversity and inclusion, Kendall has also implemented various training programs which have ultimately helped enhance company culture.

Kendall Cochran Shares How Human Resources Professionals are Vital to Employees’ Learning and Development

Kendall Cochran, a human resources professional from Atlanta, GA, expands on the role of HR in employee training and development, sharing some of how HR helps businesses grow and thrive while maintaining employees’ skills.